Methods of payment accepted: Online Payment, Check, Cash, Money Order and Electronic Withdrawal. Please return the bottom portion of your bill with your payment or note the service address on your check.

Pay Your Bill Online

Sewer Rate (New rates effective 1/1/2024)

Sewer Charge per ERU: $28.75
Sewer Debt Charge per ERU: $6.50

Water Rates (New rates effective 1/1/2024)

Per 1,000 Gallons: $10.00

Water Debt (Monthly, based on meter size):

Meter SizeWater Debt Charge
3/4″ to 5/8″$8.00
2″ to 3″$184.32

Fire Line Rates

Fire Line SizeMonthly Charge

Approved payment drop-off locations:

  • Drug Mart (Brunswick, Medina and Wadsworth locations)
  • One Stop Utility Drop at Medina City Hall
  • Sanitary Engineers Office: 791 W. Smith Rd., Medina, Ohio


The County is prepared to certify delinquent account balances to the property taxes (3) three times a year. To avoid a delinquent balance from being certified to your property taxes, please be sure your delinquent account balance is paid in full by March 15th, July 15th, and November 15th each year. After the 15th, any delinquent account balances of $200.00 or more will be certified to the property taxes including a 10% certification fee.

How Are These Dollars Spent?

The above rates are applied to the cost of utilities to operate facilities, equipment (purchase, use and maintenance), labor, materials (ie. chemicals), and debt service. Debt service is the cost that allows for capital improvements to existing facilities or construction of new facilities. Rates cannot change without prior approval by the Medina County Commissioners.

The frontage tap-in fee is included in the monthly water bill and was established to insure that each recipient of water services will pay their proportionate share of the cost of constructing the entire water works (i.e., water towers, pump stations, fire hydrants, and transmission lines) provided by the County of Medina. If someone is not connected to the water line they still receive the benefits of fire protection, reduced fire insurance rates, and increased resale value. Therefore, this fee will accumulate at the present rate, commencing upon notification of availability of water services, until they do connect. The accumulated total will be collected when they connect to the water line.

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