Resolutions Passed, March 24, 2020

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  • 20-0242 Authorizing participation in the ODOT Winter Contract (018-20) for road salt
  • 20-0243 Adoption of the 2020 Annual Appropriation Measure
  • 20-0244 Amending the 2020 appropriations resolution by transferring resolutions
  • 20-0245 Revenue adjustments for various funds
  • 20-0246 Expenditure adjustments for various funds
  • 20-0247 Authorizing the purchase of 6,200 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline for the Engineering Center
  • 20-0248 Creation of a COVID-19 fund and authorizing appropriations
  • 20-0249 Approval of an amended agreement for a service coordinator between Medina County Family First Council Early Intervention and Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • 20-0250 Approval of an amended agreement for intake and referral and service coordinator services
    between Medina County Family First and Catholic Charites of Medina County
  • 20-0251 Allowing expenses of county officials
  • 20-0252 Allowing claims and authorizing issuance upon the treasurer in settlement of such list of claims
  • 20-0253 Approving personnel changes for the employees under the jurisdiction of the Medina County
  • 20-0254 Declaring the necessity of the 2019 Home Sewage Treatment System Repair/Replacement Project
    approving the detailed plans and specifications and authorizing the Sanitary Engineer to commence advertising for bids
  • 20-0255 Authorizing the Medina County Sheriff to remove its communications equipment at an alternative tower location and declaring an emergency
  • 20-0256 Approving an agreement providing Domestic Relations Court pursuant to the requirements of Title
    IV-D of the Social Security Act
  • 20-0257 Approving minutes and recommendations from the Housing Council/Tax Incentive Review
    Councils representing Liverpool Township, Granger Township, Hinckley Township, Montville Township, and Sharon Township
  • 20-0258 Appointing a member to the Medina County Advisory Council on Aging and Disability
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