Legal Notice to Bidders

 Legal Notice to Bidders

The Board of the Medina County Commissioners, acting in its capacity as the Board of the Medina County Solid Waste Management District, hereby announces its Request for Bids to Manage, Grind, Transport, Compost or Recycle Yard Waste received at Medina County Solid Waste District’s (MCSWD) Class IV Compost Facility located at 8700 Lake Road, Seville, Ohio 44273. Bids will be accepted for a minimum term of three (3) years, with a contract start date of February 15, 2022. Bids will be accepted for two (2) consecutive one (1) year renewal terms, executed at the sole discretion of the Board, for a maximum contractual opportunity of five (5) years. The award shall be based upon an analysis of the lowest and best bid for the right to provide the Yard Waste Management Services. If selected, the Successful Bidder must secure a Performance Bond as required by the Bid Documents.

There shall be an informational, voluntary pre-bid meeting and site inspection for interested Bidders on December 13, 2021, at the Medina County Solid Waste District’s Facility, 8730 Lake Road, Seville, Ohio 44273, at 1:30 p.m. The Board shall receive sealed bids for the Yard Waste Management Services at the Medina County Sanitary Engineer’s Office, 791 W. Smith Road, Medina, Ohio, 44256 until 3:00 p.m. on December 22, 2021, which shall then be publicly opened and read aloud. All bids shall: (a) be submitted on the Bid Forms contained in the Bid Documents; (b) contain all information/documentation required by the Bid Documents; (c) be returned in sealed envelopes, marked “YARD WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES BID;” (d) include one (1) original and two (2) paper copies; OR one (1) original paper copy and an electronic copy; and (e) a separate Bid Bond in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) as security that if the Bid is accepted, an Agreement will be entered into within ten (10) days of the Notice of Award, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Yard Waste Management Services Agreement contained in the Bid Documents.

Bids shall be considered valid until 90 days after the bid opening date, although not accepted or rejected. More detailed instructions to Bidders are contained in the Bid Documents. The Board reserves the right to abandon the bid process and to reject all bids at any time. Bid Documents can be downloaded from the Sanitary Engineer’s website at (Bid Projects).


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