Public Hearing, September 18, 2018

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Commissioner Bill Hutson opened the Public Hearing at 9:00 a.m. Commissioner Adam Friedrick and Commissioner Pat Geissman were also in attendance. Mr. Hutson noted that the Public Hearing was for the purpose of reviewing and receiving comments to the Medina County Building Regulations proposed amendments. This was the first public hearing held for this purpose.

The attendance sheet is attached with the following people in attendance:
Chris Randles, Amy Lyon-Galvin, Scott Miller, Mike Pataky

Chief Building Official Chris Randles stated that the commissioners had previously been provided a copy of the proposed amendments. The proposed amendments include the following changes to the Medina County Building Regulations:

  • Deletion – Sections currently marked as deleted
  • Remove Contractor Registration – Rename Chapter 4 Contractor Licensing and remove requirement to
    register with the County and pay a $100 annual registration fee. Requirements to be licensed by the Ohio
    Construction Industry Licensing Board will still be required for all work in the County.
  • Add Appendix III -Add a new Appendix III which will list all the current County Flood Insurance Rate
  • Update Appendix I Fees –
    • Add a $10 Technology Fee to be charged to all permits and plan reviews in order to pay for the cost of purchasing and maintaining permitting and inspection software and necessary hardware. Only $5 of fee is new.
    • Subtract $5 from all permit and plan review fees
    • Remove $100 annual registration fee for all electric and mechanical contractors
    • Adjust Commercial permit fees for electric, mechanical and fire protection permit fees to be the same as building permit fees
    • Add special event permit, power restoration and solar/wind to commercial and residential permit fees, currently charged as special inspections
    • Alter commercial and residential plan review fee tables to better illustrate total cost

Mr. Randles noted that although the effective date has not yet been determined, he is hopeful these changes will take effect in November of this year.

Commissioner Hutson asked if electrical and mechanical contractors are the only contractors required to have a state license; Mr. Randles stated that hydronic contractors are required as well. Fire protection is also required to have a license, but they do not charge a registration fee for them at this point. Mr. Randles added that general contractors are not required to be licenses by the state.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.


Mr. Hutson asked if there were any other comments, questions or concerns. Mr. Hutson adjourned the meeting at 9:06 a.m.

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