Public Hearing, April 30, 2018

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Commissioner Bill Hutson opened the Public Hearing at 8:00 A.M. Commissioner Adam Friedrick was also in attendance; Commissioner Pat Geissman was unable to attend. Mr. Hutson noted that the Public Hearing was for the purpose that the commissioners have determined to place on the August 7, 2018 ballot the questions of whether to adopt a two tenths of one percent sales tax pursuant to O.R.C. 5739.021 and an accompanying use tax pursuant to O.R.C. 5741.021 to support criminal and administrative justice services in the County and pay expenses of administering the levy for a continuing period of time. The attendance sheet is attached with Scott Miller in attendance.

County Administrator Scott Miller explained that the sales tax issue will be in the May ballot, however, if the issue does not pass, the county is considering putting a 0.20% sales tax for criminal and administrative justices on the August 7 ballot; if it passes, this will not be placed on the August ballot. This sales tax will place more deputies on the road, equipment and technology will be updated (i.e. 911 system, radios and cars for the Sheriff’s Department). The tax is for criminal and administrative services and it should increase as the population and services increase. This sales tax will also eliminate the need for additional levies such as a Senior Services levy and a Children’s Services levy to assist families dealing with opioid addiction and mental health issues while making Medina County a safer place to live. Mr. Miller stated that this sales tax will be partially paid for by individuals visiting Medina County as they enjoy the same safe environment enjoyed by residents at a minimal cost.

Mr. Miller noted that for more information, he can be contacted at the Administration Building as can the commissioners. More information is also provided on the commissioners’ website.

In answer to a question posed by Commissioner Hutson, Mr. Miller answered that on a $100 purchase, this will add $.20. This is only on items that are taxable; mortgages/rents, utilities, gasoline, health insurance, groceries, etc. are not taxable.

Mr. Hutson thanked Mr. Miller for his report.


Mr. Hutson adjourned the hearing at 9:04 A.M

Download Meeting Minutes

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