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At the request of The Board of Medina County Commissioners, the Medina County Prosecutor’s office is referring information to the office of the Ohio Attorney General today concerning the sale of a County vehicle by Medina County Treasurer John Burke. Under the current law and County policy, the disposal of any vehicles owned by the Board of Medina County Commissioners is required to be disposed of through an auction unless the property is sold or donated to another political subdivision. It has come to the attention of the Board of Commissioners that Treasurer Burke caused to be delivered a vehicle previously used by his office to an automotive dealer contrary to county procedures and policies adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. The records show that the vehicle was subsequently transferred to the son of Treasurer Burke.

After consultation with the Medina County Prosecutor, and review of the facts of the transactions, the Board of Commissioners is requesting the referral so that the Ohio Attorney General can conduct an independent investigation of this matter. As the elected stewards of county owned public property, the Board of County Commissioners believe that protection of the integrity of county procedures and policies regarding said property is of paramount importance. As a board, we are disappointed that such actions are necessary to preserve that integrity.

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