Planning Department

Planning Services

The mission of the Medina County Department of Planning Services (MCDPS) & Fair Housing Office is to assist Medina County and its communities, agencies and citizens in planning and achieving sound, orderly development and related community and regional goals.

Planning Support:
Providing administrative, professional, and technical support for planning efforts and projects throughout the county;

Regulatory Support:
Providing administrative, professional, and technical support for regulatory measures adopted to implement Commission plans;

Interagency Support:
Providing of information, coordination, and expertise to all levels of County government, and to township and municipal governments and other public or private bodies by contract or other agreement; and

Community Services Support:
Administrative, professional, and technical support for various community service projects.

MCDPS reviews major and minor subdivisions within the unincorporated areas of Medina County. Our office also updates local zoning maps, provides recommendations for text amendments and map amendments, works closely with various County Departments on related projects, and administers and implements grants through the Ohio Development Services Agency.

We use our expertise to guide strategic and long-range decisions through high-quality and innovative plans, collaboration, and balance. For more information regarding our Fair Housing services, please visit

MCDPS policies and procedures can be found here.

Helpful Links

MCDPS provides the following helpful links for other agencies, offices, and support services related to Planning in Medina County.

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