Planning Department

Planning Commission

The Medina County Planning Commission (PC) is made up of eight citizen members and the three County Commissioners. The citizen members are comprised as follows and must be residents of the listed jurisdictions; one member each from the cities of Brunswick, Medina, and Wadsworth, four members from the townships, and one member from a village. All planning commission members will also have a designated alternate member.

Under Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code § 711) the subdivision of property (Major and Minor) in the unincorporated areas of the county (townships) falls under the jurisdiction of the PC. The PC creates rules (Subdivision Regulations) regarding the subdivision of property. In addition, when a township wishes to change its zoning, either the language of the zoning regulations or the district boundaries, they must submit the proposed change to the PC for a recommendation prior to making the change, per the Ohio Revised Code (§ 519).

The PC meets monthly to decide matters regarding subdivisions and zoning changes.

MCPC Meetings

  • PC agendas and staff reports
  • Approved PC meeting minutes
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