NOACA seeks public input on Long Range Plan

NOACA seeks public input on Long Range Plan

Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency’s (NOACA) Long Range Plan — eNEO2050 — is a comprehensive plan that guides Northeast Ohio’s major infrastructure investments and vision for the future.

As part of the process to create the plan for eNEO2050, NOACA has been conducting a multi-faceted public engagement campaign to educate and solicit input and insight from the community.

NOACA has modeled out four scenarios aimed at projecting what the region will look like in 2050 based upon the effects of this Long Range Plan.

Each of the four scenarios can be viewed by clicking on the below links. Forms for public input can also be found below each of the four scenarios.

  1. Maintaining Infrastructure System (MAINTAIN)
  2. Captivating Auto Region (CAR)
  3. TRANsportation System with Improved Transit (TRANSIT)
  4. Transportation with Optimal Technology and Access for All (TOTAL)

The Long Range Plan was a topic at the Commissioners’ regular Tuesday, March 30 meeting where NOACA Executive Director and CEO Grace Gallucci addressed the commissioners about their concerns with the plan including it being Cuyahoga County-centered in their opinions.

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