PUBLIC HEARING: Marks Road Sanitary Sewer Extension

Marks Road Sanitary Sewer Extension

You are hereby notified that a hearing will be held at the Commissioner’s Office, 144 North Broadway, Medina, Ohio at 3:00 p.m., on Monday, August 5, 2019, when and where objections to Project No. S-500/00-287.1 in Medina County Sewer District No. 500 referred to in Resolution No. 19-0132 (Resolution of Necessity) adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on February 19, 2019, and described therein will be heard by the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Medina.

The Project area constituting the assessment district includes five (5) properties located on Marks Road in Sewer District No. 500, not attached to a sanitary sewer and defined by Parcel Numbers: 026-06A-23-003, 026-06A-23-004, 026-06A-23-006, 026-06A-23-007 and 045-05B-30-001.

The Project consists of the construction of sanitary sewers and manholes together with all necessary appurtenances thereto, in Sewer District No. 500, the boundaries, location, route, and termini of which are generally described as follows:

Starting from an existing sanitary manhole, located at the Southwest corner of parcel number 026-06A-23-001, approximately 552 feet of sanitary sewer main will be installed along Marks Road.

The Resolution of Necessity includes the estimated cost of the Project that will be assessed against those properties along Marks Road which bound and abut upon the Project.

The detailed plans, together with specifications, estimate of cost and tentative assessments for such Project are on file in the office of the Medina County Sanitary Engineer, 791 West Smith Road, Medina, Ohio and are available for inspection therein.

Written objections to or endorsements of the proposed Project, the character and termini thereof, the boundaries of the assessment district therefore or the tentative assessments for the same will be received by the Board for a period of five (5) days after the hearing and no action shall be taken by the Board in the matter until after such period shall have elapsed.


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