Legal Notice to Bidders: Medina County Administration Building – North Stair Project


Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 PM local time on Aug 3, 2022, by the Medina County Commissioners, Medina, Ohio, in the office of the Medina County Commissioners, located at 144 N. Broadway, Medina, Ohio, for providing the necessary labor and materials, tools, equipment and appliances required for Medina County Administration Building – North Stair Project”.  Bids will be opened and read publicly immediately thereafter.

A PRE-BID walkthrough will be held on July 15, 2022, at 9:00 AM beginning at the Medina County Administration Building north stair.

No bid shall be considered unless submitted in a sealed envelope with the project title clearly marked (“Medina County Administration Building – North Stair Project”).  All bids must be submitted in accordance with the contract documents, which consist of all advertisements and notices, the instructions to bidders, specifications and drawings, bid form, form of contract agreement, schedule of wage rates, and addenda thereto.

Bidding Documents may be viewed at Medina County Administrator, 144 N. Broadway St, Medina, OH 44256; phone: 330-722-9201.  Bidding Documents (Project Manual and Plans) will be available from Arc Document Services (phone: 216-281-1234; toll free: 888-443-2583; email: at the bidders’ expense. The contract documents may be viewed and are available during normal business hours from The Builder’s Exchange, 9555 Rockside Rd., suite 300, Valley View, OH 44125; phone: 216-393-6300 / 866-907-6300.

Bids shall be received for:

CONTRACT                                                                              ESTIMATED COST
General Trades Contract (Base Bid)                                        $ 250,000.00
Alternate 1 (Snowmelt System)                                             $   70,000.00

All questions shall be submitted no later than July 27, 2022, to James R. Duber, Envelope Consulting Services, LLC. (Email:  The Architect’s responses will be summarized in an addendum to the bid specifications, if appropriate.

Bids must contain the name of every person interested herein and be accompanied by either 1) a bid and performance bond in the full amount of the bid tendered as a guarantee that the bidder will, if award is made to the bidder, enter into a proper contract with the Medina County Commissioners for the project, or 2) a certified check drawn upon a solvent bank in the State of Ohio, in the amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the bid tendered as a guarantee that the bidder will, if award is made to the bidder, enter into a proper contract with the Medina County Commissioners for the project and furnish a performance bond for the amount of the contract at the time the bidder executes the contract.  All such bonds and certified checks shall be payable to the Medina County Commissioners.

Bidders shall note that State of Ohio prevailing wage rates published for Medina County are to be complied with throughout this project.  Bidders shall also note that the rules and regulations on Equal Employment Opportunity shall be made a part of the contracts.

The Medina County Commissioners reserve the right to waive any informalities, to reject any or all bids and to select the lowest and best bid.

No bid may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the scheduled closing time for receipt of the bids.

All questions regarding the plans and specifications should be addressed to the Architect.  A copy of this notice is available online at

Medina County Commissioners:
Stephen D. Hambley
William F. Hutson
Colleen M. Swedyk

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