Joint Meeting, August 23, 2018

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Joint Medina County Commissioners’ and Wadsworth City Meeting

The following were present:

Medina County:

Rhonda Beck, Clerk to the Commissioners
Adam Friedrick, Commissioner
Pat Geissman, Commissioner
Bill Hutson, Commissioner
Amy Lyon-Galvin, Sanitary Engineer
Scott Miller, County Administrator
Ben Romine, Sanitary Engineer’s Office
Jeremy Sinko, Assistant Sanitary Engineer

Wadsworth City:

Kristi Babcock,Wastewater Department
Norman Brague, Law Director
Ralph Copley, City Council
Bruce Darlington, City Council
Catherine Fix, City Auditor
Tammy Guenther, Clerk of Council
Matt Hiscock (8:08), Safety Director
Roger King, Utility Manager
Robin Laubaugh, Mayor
Robert Patrick, Public Service Director
Lee Potts, City Council
Tom Stugmyer, City Council
Bob Thurber, City Council
David Williams, City Council

Others Present:

Eric Akin – NOACA
Kimberly Bolas-Miller, Sharon Twp. Trustee
Joe Canestraro, Sharon Twp. Trustee
Jim Gardner, Wadsworth Twp. Trustee
Grace Gallucci, NOACA Executive Director
Brian Guccion, Sharon Twp. Trustee
David Hagram, Medina Gazette
Stefanie Horner, Wadsworth Twp. Fiscal Officer
Kevin Keiper, Wadsworth Twp. Trustee
Joe Kunzier, Sharon Twp. Zoning Commission
Jack Swedyk
Colleen Swedyk, Medina County Recorder

Call to Order

Medina County Commissioner William F. Hutson called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. with Adam Friedrick and
Patricia G. Geissman present. Wadsworth City Council, Sharon Township and Wadsworth Township also called
their meetings to order. Everyone introduced themselves.

Purpose of Meeting

Consideration of Wadsworth Water/Sewer Proposal


Robert Patrick presented information relating to the water/sewer proposal on behalf of the City of Wadsworth; Amy
Lyon-Galvin presented information on behalf of Medina County. Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Lyon-Galvin both distributed and reviewed fact sheets that included the original proposals of the county and the city as well as the NOACA compromise (made part of the permanent record). Questions and comments from various attendees were addressed. There was no further discussion.


There being no further business, Mr. Friedrick moved to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by Mrs. Geissman. Roll call showed all commissioners voting AYE. The meeting ended at 8:15 p.m. All deliberations concerning official business and formal actions by this Board of Commissioners were conducted in an open public meeting this twenty-third day of August, 2018.

Download Meeting Minutes

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