Invitation to Bid: Village of Lodi Community Restroom Improvements Project


Contractors are hereby invited to submit a Bid for the Village of Lodi Community Restroom Improvements Project located at 108 Ainsworth St. and Community Park Drive in Lodi, Ohio 44254.  All Bids must be filed on the provided forms submitted or mailed to the Medina County Commissioners (MCC) by the time and date set forth; in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Village of Lodi Community Restroom Improvements Project” and shall bear the name of the Bidder.  No exceptions to this will be allowed.  Specifications, Bidding Forms, and Contract Documents are available at the Medina County Dept. of Planning Services (DPS) office, 124 W. Washington St., Ste. B-4, Medina, OH 44256, 330-722-9219,; Monday – Friday; 8 AM – 12 PM.  You must call ahead for entry to the Professional Building. Specifications, Bidding Forms, and Contract Documents may be obtained upon payment of $50, none of which will be refunded.  Checks are to be made payable to the Medina County Commissioners; Cash must be exact change.  The Contract Documents may also be reviewed for bidding purposes without charge, Monday through Friday, at the DPS office.  Contractors will be required to purchase the complete set; no partial sets will be issued prior to the receipt of the Bids and the award of the contracts.

The Bids will be received at the office of the DPS office, 124 W. Washington St., Ste. B-4, Medina, Ohio 44256, no later than 10 AM, April 24th, 2020; at which time the properly filed Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

The Base Bid Engineers Estimate is $55,000.00. Should a question arise at any time during the examination of Bid Documents or investigation of the site the Bidder may seek clarification by submitting a Prebid Question.  All Prebid Questions should be submitted in writing to the DPS via email. DPS will provide a response to all questions submitted before a deadline of 4 PM, April 16th, 2020.  Responses to Prebid Questions will be provided by Addendum, a copy of which will be emailed or faxed to each person receiving a set of Contract Documents.  DPS is not obligated to respond to, or otherwise act upon, a Prebid Question submitted after this deadline, but reserves the right to act upon any information received.

All prospective BIDDERS, CONTRACTORS, and other interested parties are invited to attend an optional Pre-Bid meeting which will be held at 11 AM April 17th, 2020; via Zoom, with a virtual tour of the Community Restroom sites at both Village of Lodi Hall, 108 Ainsworth Street, Lodi, Ohio 44254 and Community Park Drive, Lodi, Ohio 44254.  Project requirements will be reviewed, followed by a virtual tour of the site. Bidders must comply with Prevailing Wage Rates on public improvements in Medina County, Ohio as determined by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Labor and Worker Safety (State prevailing wage) or with Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (Federal prevailing wage), whichever is higher.  MCC and Village of Lodi reserve the right to reject any/or all Bids, and to waive any informalities or irregularities, and/or accept the Bid deemed the lowest and the best.


By the order of the MCC, Colleen Swedyk, President.


Published in Medina County Gazette April 9th, 2020.  The notice may also be viewed on the Medina County website at

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