Resolutions Passed, August 16, 2022

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  • 22-0642 Determining the necessity to close Granger Road (C.H. 21) between Ridge Road (S.R. 94) and
    Coddingville Road (T.R. 61)
  • 22-0643 Determining the necessity to close Old Weymouth Road (C.H. 32) between Nichols Road (C.H. 131)
    and Remsen Road (C.H. 37)
  • 22-0644 Releasing R&I Construction Inc. and Ohio Farmers Insurance Company from obligations associated
    with MED-CR-35-1.79 Friendsville Road Bridge No. 8 Rehabilitation
  • 22-0645 Determining the necessity to close Willow Road (CH-90) between Avon Lake Road (S.R. 83) and
    Cemetery Road (TR-152)
  • 22-0646 The final resolution to proceed with the proposed bridge replacement project (ODOT PID 88883) along
    State Route 252 in Medina County
  • 22-0647 Declaring the necessity to install a permanent generator at the Spieth Road pump station in Litchfield
    Township and authorizing the sanitary engineer to commence advertising for construction bids
  • 22-0648 Approving personnel changes for the employees under the jurisdiction of the Medina County
  • 22-0649 Authorizing the purchase of high density shelving for the Medina County Courthouse
  • 22-0650 Approving the filing of a renewal application with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio for a
    Governmental Electrical Aggregation Program
  • 22-0651 Amending a CY22 Transit Service Agreement with the Medina County Board of Developmental
  • 22-0652 Authorizing the continuation of advertisement for bids for CDBG-funded Montville Township Park
    Access Phase 2 Project as approved by the Board of County Commissioners\
  • 22-0653 Amending the appropriation measure resolution
  • 22-0654 Amending the 2022 appropriations resolution by transferring appropriations
  • 22-0655 Expenditure adjustments for various funds
  • 22-0656 Revenue adjustments for the sale of surplus county property
  • 22-0657 Authorizing the county auditor to transfer funds from various county department accounts to the
    Medina County Print Shop revenue line item
  • 22-0658 Declaring Medina County motor vehicles as excess property and to make available to Enterprise Fleet
    Management for selling
  • 22-0659 Declaring Medina County Emergency Management property as excess property
  • 22-0660 Accepting an application for the use of a procurement card for the Medina County Sheriff for the
    Medina County Jail
  • 22-0661 Allowing expenses of county officials
  • 22-0662 Allowing expenses of the County Engineer
  • 22-0663 Allowing claims and authorizing issuance upon the treasurer in settlement of such list of claims
  • 22-0664 Amending the appointments of County Commissioners to various committees and areas of
    responsibility for the year 2022
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