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Commissioner Pat Geissman

About Commissioner Pat Geissman

Pat is the longest serving commissioner in Medina County history at 27 years as well as the longest-serving female commissioner in the State of Ohio. Pat was elected in 1992 as Medina County's first female commissioner and was re-elected in…

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A Sales Tax for our Schools?

I believe the education of our young people is a key factor in promoting and retaining good paying jobs and maintaining the standard of living in our county. We can all be proud of the excellent education Medina County students…

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Lincoln Day Celebration – Opening Remarks

March 5, 2007 Tonight we are celebrating the life of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. He was born 198 years ago. Our 16th president was a very odd looking man, long-limbed and raw boned. He had a very distinct look…

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A School Sales Tax for Medina County?

December 2006 Recently the Medina County Commissioners were asked to consider placing on the May ballot a proposed .5%sales tax increase for the benefit of all of the school systems in Medina County. A recent editorial in the Medina County…

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Managing the High Cost of Indigent Defense

The State of Ohio allows counties, within certain parameters, to determine the most appropriate and cost effective method of providing defense counsel services to indigent clients. Medina County has historically utilized the “assigned counsel” method for this purpose, whereby the…

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It’s a Privilege to be a Leader

Pat wrote this acceptance speech for her inauguration as the 2003 President of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio held at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom in Columbus on December 3, 2002. It’s a Privilege to be a Leader (Acceptance Speech)…

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Smart Growth

What is “smart growth”? “Smart growth” is development that serves the economy, the community, and the environment. It provides a framework for communities to make informed decisions about how and where they grow. “Smart growth” makes it possible for communities…

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