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Support Officer 1 (Full-Time)

Summary of Essential Duties

 Ability to perform the full range of support officer duties:  Work activities are performed independently in accordance with applicable policies, procedures and statutes under the general direction of a designated department supervisor. Responsible for identifying and initiating action to intake support orders on computer system, establish paternity, establish child / medical support orders, modify / redirect support orders (adjustment reviews), determine / pursue interstate action, audit cases, pursue specialized enforcement actions (license suspension, FIDM, CSLN, unclaimed funds, foster care, etc.), and enforcement of spousal / child / medical support obligations.  Duties include initiating appropriate legal actions to collect support obligations and arrearages; interpretation and application of family support laws; appearing at hearings or in court as a witness; and performing related duties as required. Selecting and preparing all necessary documents for that action, and obtaining court orders, under the general direction and in consultation with the County Prosecutor’s Office. Conducts interviews and investigations to locate absent parents and corresponds with custodial parents. Potentially carries a select case load of child / spousal / medical support cases and/or works in all caseloads, reviews case activities and procedures for State and Federal compliance. Knowledge and ability to cross train with Support Officer 1’s in other units.

Functions of the Position

  1. Is familiar with and functions in accordance with the classification specifications and agency policies and procedures.
  2. Presents self in a professional, ethical and culturally sensitive manner to co-workers, staff, other agency personnel and the public.
  3. Returns phone calls and correspondence in a timely manner, adhering to agency policy and time frames.
  4. Commences case file process by obtaining information through interviews by phone or in person from custodial party, non-custodial party, family members, witnesses, law enforcement, agencies or institutions, and attorneys for the benefit of gathering information to verify facts, establish paternity, locate absent parents, explain procedures for child support processing, and determining financial status
  5. Interviews custodial and non-custodial parents, witnesses, family members, representatives from law enforcement agencies and attorneys to obtain statements and gather information to establish paternity, locate absent parents, determine financial status; explains to non-custodial parents or other involved parties the calculation of support amounts, obligations and legal requirements. Explains related polices, laws, client/agency rights and responsibilities and gathers information necessary to assess the records, financial resources and medical support details of both parents as well as any other individual circumstances and may mediate or negotiate settlements with parties.
  6. Prepares and maintains forms, applications, case files, and other records pertinent to each child support case and ensures information is entered accurately in case record.
  7. Maintains chronological log of case contacts and events in automated system.
  8. Analyzes case status and enforces compliance of parties with regard to existing child support orders using statutory procedures; decides appropriate enforcement actions; initiates and follows through with the chosen action using courts civil contempt process, determines driver’s license suspensions / FIDM action; negotiates and implements  payment agreements; implements income withholding orders and applies other enforcement techniques as needed. Uses sources such as the postal service, financial institutions, state and federal parent locator services, military locator services to locate absent parents and/or their assets; verifies information by contacting individuals or agencies by correspondence or telephone; initiates, receives and responds to inquiries concerning cases where custodial or non-custodial parent resides in another state. Analyzes case data to determine, within established guidelines, the need for legal action to enforce or modify orders for support or to establish paternity; initiates legal action through the preparation of documents such as orders of examination, contempt actions, wage assignments, writs of execution, and subpoenas; prepares evidence and testifies in court; assists legal staff in preparing case data for prosecution and litigation.
  9. Evaluates income and expense data of non-custodial parent to determine support capability; refers non-custodial parents to workforce for assistance in seeking employment; enters data into the computer to determine payment amounts; calculates arrearage amounts involving foster care cases; prepares case summaries, audits and payment analysis, compiles, processes and checks various accounting records pertinent to a case; reviews and monitors assigned cases to ensure support obligations are being met and individuals are in compliance with court orders; recommends case closures. Utilizes the computer system to input or access case data to initiate actions, maintain history of actions taken, monitor payments, and prepare correspondence, reports and legal documents.
  10. Monitors and evaluates payment performance by reviewing payment records and verifying payment history with the custodial parent, in accordance with state directives and initiates appropriate legal action if collection of arrearages is needed.
  11. Establishes terms for support arrears payment plan from non-custodial party and monitors payment records to ensure compliance with court order.
  12. Determines appropriate enforcement action by evaluating the facts of the case; recommends cases for prosecution, prepares legal documents for court filing, assists attorneys in preparing cases, attends court hearings, and testifies in court as necessary.
  13. Receives and resolves a variety of complaints concerning cases and responds to inquiries from the public. Elevates more complex complaint issues to supervisor as needed, or as requested.
    Conducts, responds to, or initiates personal interviews, telephone contacts, computer notices and work lists, mail inquiries, or any other means to compile necessary information in preparation for legal action to establish paternity and/or support.
  14. Reviews documents for compliance with statutes, court decisions and other legal authorities; recommends appropriate corrective action or program improvement plans; prepares various correspondence.
  15. Assists attorneys by performing a variety of paralegal and investigative tasks, such as case preparation; initiates fraud referrals and recommends case closure following specific guidelines.
  16. Provides case status information and explains child support statutes, regulations, and procedures to custodial party, non-custodial party.
  17. Creates and maintains child support files according to state and federal regulations and established procedures: update records and filing systems to ensure that accurate data is kept on assigned child support cases
  18. Attends required meetings and training.
  19. Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable OSHA safety standards that pertain to job duties.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: General principles of casework, child support enforcement & collection procedures; Federal & Ohio laws & regulations pertaining to child support; Principles of interviewing, & fundamental aspects of human behavior; Information systems & computers; Ohio Benefits, E-Oscar, Debtnext, Hatsx, Clear, Vinelink and Workforce. General collections procedures: Basic arithmetic to perform calculations & understand financial records; Customer service techniques; County operations, organizations, procedures & policies; * Standard office procedures & practices; Legal terminology & document processing as they relate to child support enforcement; Legal criteria for establishing paternity; Public & private agencies available to clients and other interested parties for referral.

Skill in: Perform case analysis & use discretion to innovate effective case management procedures Accurately research, gather, record & evaluate legal, financial, &other records sufficiently to obtain data needed to secure &enforce child support cases; Maintain credibility & effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work & in the face of conflicting issues &perspectives; Use tact, discretion, initiative & independent judgment; Prepare clear & concise reports, correspondence, presentations &other written materials; Effectively manage time & resources to perform multiple tasks; Deal tactfully, courteously, & firmly with applicants & others to elicit information from hostile &/or uncooperative individuals; Interpret & effectively apply written material such as court orders, laws & statutes; Effective mediation & negotiation techniques.

Ability to: Read, understand, & apply laws & regulations related to child support; Effectively communicate both orally & in writing; Follow oral & written directions; Make administrative/procedural decisions & judgments; Maintain confidentiality; Accurately research, gather, record & evaluate legal, financial, &other records sufficiently to obtain data; Make proper recommendations; Take appropriate & legally compliant actions; Define issues, collect data, facts; draw logical conclusions & then negotiate solutions; Communicate with persons from a wide variety of ethnic & social Backgrounds; Deal tactfully, courteously, & firmly with applicants & others to elicit information from hostile &/or uncooperative individuals; Apply & explain federal & Ohio child support law & regulations in complex situations; Organize work & establish priorities according to departmental operating requirements ; Work cooperatively with other staff, outside agencies & public to maximize support; Research & compile pertinent case information; Assist supervisor in monitoring, orienting & training new Child support Officers, & collaborate with coworkers on effective techniques for caseload management.


An Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution,


Three (3) years’ experience in a business or agency which has involved substantial application of laws or regulations in the performance of work, such as child support program, family law practice, collection agency or a federal/state assistance agency or an equivalent combination of training and experience that would provide the necessary skills and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

Additional Requirements

Must successfully undergo BCI background check
Successfully complete an alcohol and drug screening
Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License
Provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States

Inherently hazardous or physically demanding working conditions:

May encounter irate clients or individuals; may have some exposure to individuals with contagious or communicable disease; is occasionally exposed to unsanitary conditions (insect infestation, bodily wastes) or odors; may have some exposure to common chemicals found in an office environment, such as toner and correction fluid.

Base Rate: $16.49


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