Job & Family Services

Protective Services Worker 2 (Full-Time)

Summary of Essential Duties

Under the direction of the unit Supervisor, the Protective Services Worker 2-Ongoing works with children and families and provides guidance and support to assist the family in achieving case plan goals. The Protective Services Worker 2-Ongoing assures safety of children by assessing risk on an ongoing basis.  As part of the regular pager rotation and in-day coverage, this worker assists families in improving their financial and social environment and works for the protection and safety of children and adults as well as assessing and investigating referrals of abuse/neglect and dependency.

Functions of the Position

  1. Is familiar with and functions in accordance with the classification specifications and agency policies and procedures.
  2. Presents self in a professional, ethical and culturally sensitive manner to co-workers, staff, other agency personnel and the public.
  3. Returns phone calls and correspondence in a timely manner, adhering to agency policy and time frames.
  4. Demonstrates knowledge of ODJFS rules, CAPMIS requirements, SACWIS systems, MEPA, and agency policies pertaining to protective services.
  5. Screens incoming abuse/neglect referrals on adults and children.
  6. Assess allegations of abuse, neglect and dependency to determine validity of allegations and an assessment of risk.
  7. Conducts culturally sensitive interviews with families and children for assessments, information gathering, community advocacy and conflict resolutions.
  8. Completes all case documentation and required paperwork as defined by ODJFS rules and regulations.
  9. Develops positive, trusting and helpful relationships with children and families and provides supportive intervention towards achieving their case plan goal.
  10. Writes strengths-based, family-centered case plans for each family assigned, and reviews with family at least monthly, keeping objectives current and applicable.
  11. Maintains contact with families, care givers and children through home visits, letters and phone calls per agency policy.
  12. Understands the court process, prepares for, and testifies in court with competence, knowing the case history, reason for court involvement, progress on the case plan and the family’s current status. Makes referrals, coordinates services, and works closely with community agencies on behalf of children and families.
  13. Keeps current on training requirements.
  14. Provides or coordinates transportation for children and families to doctors, schools, therapy appointments or other community agencies for services.
  15. Provides unit coverage as scheduled or when needed.
  16. Carries a pager according to agency policy.
  17. Arranges, coordinates, or supervises family visits.
  18. Attends and participates in required meetings and supervision with supervisor.
  19. Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable OSHA safety standards that pertain to job duties.
  20. Preforms other duties as assigned.
  21. Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services rules and regulations; Federal, State and local laws regarding abuse/neglect of children and adults; State and Federal mandated forms, documentation and procedures; legal procedures related to children and adults; foster care and/or adoption assessments and placements; community services; intake procedures; ongoing Social worker practices; interviewing skills for both children and adults; practices and procedures for removing adult/children from the home (i.e., paperwork, notifications, legal documents, court procedures); procedures for placing a child in a foster home or adoptive home (i.e., paperwork, preparing the child for placement, etc.); report writing; office practices and procedures; Practice Standards Manual; procedural guidelines governing the management of Social Services cases set by the State of Ohio; documentation required to meet procedural deadlines; on-call status and procedures; evaluation methods involving children, adults and families; internal and external committees; public education programs relating to abuse or neglect of children and older adults; training and developmental practices; Administrative/office practices involving setting up public education programs; legal procedures for finalizing adoptions.

Skill in: Organization; writing (e.g., legal documents; word processing; operation of computers; public speaking; oral communication; typing; interviewing; assessment.

Ability to: Performs intake and ongoing casework duties with children, older adults, families and foster and adoptive families; share information and facts concerning the abuse/neglect of children and/or adults; complete, modify and amend Risk Assessments; complete, modify and amend case plans; comprehend written materials; consult with team members concerning situations and possible courses of actions; answer routine questions and inquiries; prepare and complete all mandated paperwork concerning investigations, ongoing cases, foster home licensing and adoptions; prepare for and testify at court hearings; maintain accurate records; act as liaison between providers, social workers and the agency; investigate complaints of providers; monitor and evaluate providers to ensure compliance with Federal, State and local laws and regulations governing safe operations; assist in reviewing inspection reports; certify and recruit new providers; investigate complaints of providers; prepare and conduct licensing conferences and hearings; arrange for and provide various training sessions for providers; serve as an on-call worker; respond to calls from police, sheriff, hospitals, parents and/or foster parents related to child or older adult issues; evaluate children, adults and families in their homes after business hours.


A bachelor’s degree in human services related studies.

A bachelor’s degree in any field and employed for at least two years in a human service-related occupation. Required to obtain a bachelor’s degree in human services within 5 years after the date of employment.

An associate degree in human services related studies.  Required to obtain a bachelor’s degree in human services within 5 years after the date of employment.

At least five years of employment in a human service-related occupation

Additional Requirements

Must successfully undergo BCI background check
Successfully complete an alcohol and drug screening
Possess a valid Ohio Driver’s License
Provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States

Inherently hazardous or physically demanding working conditions:
May encounter irate clients or individuals; may have some exposure to environmental factors (e.g., cold, excessive heat, noise, fumes, dirt, contagious diseases, unsanitary conditions, insect infestation, bodily wastes, odors, common office chemicals, such as toner and correction fluid); may involve lifting up to 40 pounds (i.e., children, car seats, supplies).       


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