Congratulations Medina County Drug Court Graduates!

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Congratulations to the brave men and women who shared their stories about participating and graduating from the Medina County Drug Court program out of Judge Joyce Kimbler’s Court. The graduates were able to tell their personal stories of success for Drug Awareness Month. These stories were shared with the Medina County Commissioners and others within the community to spread the word about the work of drug courts and more importantly, give a public face to the issues surrounding mental illness and substance abuse.

The mission of the Medina County Drug Court is to improve the overall quality of life in the community by providing a court supervised program for substance dependent offenders that will enhance their likelihood of being productive members of society, while keeping the community safe.

We wish the Drug Court graduates the best of luck in all that they do. Congratulations on your accomplishments and on your road to recovery!

The following individuals were recognized during the Tuesday, June 9th Commissioners’ Meeting for graduating Medina County Drug Court:

  • Melanie Krahenbuhl
  • Johnna Seely
  • Latasha Abusaleh
  • Mike Lance
  • Darren Trojack
  • Colton Held
  • Stephen Clay
  • Justin Corringan
  • Traci Collins
  • Felecia Steiger
  • Samantha Fuller
  • Alex Britton
  • Savannah Manochi
  • Kip Erwin
  • Joseph Rini

Download the Stories

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