About the Dog Shelter

The Medina County Dog Shelter, located at 6334 Deerview Lane in Medina, is a 100% self-funded operation. The shelter is fully funded through adoption fees, license revenues and donations. Tax dollars are not used to fund the shelter.

The shelter is not legally required to have a veterinarian on staff to examine the dogs adopted are free of disease or injury. The staff makes every effort to insure you adopt a healthy pet, but it is highly recommended you take it to a veterinarian immediately for a health check. Medina County cannot provide refunds on any dog for any reason other than terminal illness as declared by a veterinarian.

When you adopt a dog from the shelter, there is a $64 adoption fee. This fee includes a current license registration for your dog, the dog’s first DHPP immunization, Bordetella, deworming and a spay and neuter certificate which will completely cover the spay and neuter operation of your new dog. A list of veterinarians will be provided to you upon adoption

Dog Shelter Stats

  • Single Dog Tags Sold: 16,753
  • 3-Year Dog Tags Sold: 1,213
  • Permanent Dog Tags Sold: 188
  • Kennel Licenses Sold: 76
  • Calls Responded to: 660
  • Mileage Patrolled: 5,311
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