Adult Probation Pretrial Services

Mission Statement

To be a fair pretrial system that promotes positive outcomes.

Vision Statement

To be a high performing agency supporting an exceptional pretrial system.

The Pretrial Services Division supports the Medina County Court of Common Pleas with two primary functions. The first function is to interview and investigate justice involved individuals who are incarcerated in the county jail, with the purpose being to provide the courts with information for bond consideration at arraignment. The other function is to supervise the justice involved individuals, who are placed on bond during the pendency of their case, ensuring all specific pretrial bond conditions the court ordered are being followed.

Common conditions of bond release include, but are not limited to:
  • Substance Abuse Monitoring (SAM)
  • House Arrest
  • GPS monitoring
  • Obtain a drug/alcohol/mental health assessment
  • No contact with specific individuals or entities
  • Must reside at a specified residence
  • Seek employment
  • Reporting to the Pretrial Officer
  • Transdermal alcohol monitoring
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