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Community Service

Community Service

The Court Community Service Program places offenders who are sentenced to community control, to work up to 500 hours without being paid. Probationers who are ordered into the program are matched with local non-profit agencies in the community.
Community Service Is:

    • A community sentencing alternative that is both practical and beneficial to all involved.
    • A cost- effective sanction.
    • An opportunity for offenders to repay societal debt by making a positive and productive contribution.
    • A helpful tool for not-for-profit organizations to maximize their labor force at minimal or no cost.
    • A means for offenders to learn or improve proper behavior in a work setting.
    • Closely managed through a structured placement and monitoring process which emphasizes personal responsibility for all participants.

Program Administration
The Medina County Adult Probation Department Administers the community service program for referrals from The Honorable Joyce V. Kimbler and The Honorable William F. Hutson. Each individual is placed and monitored for compliance with completing the number of hours as ordered by their sentencing judge. There is no additional cost assessed to the community service workers or participating placement agencies at this time.
Ohio Revised Code
The Ohio Revised Code defines the parameters of what constitutes court- ordered community service. It states that an offender may be required to perform work in the community under the authority of health or park districts, counties, municipal corporations, townships or other political subdivisions of the State. Charitable organizations with a not-for- profit status are also included as viable placement sites.
The Revised Code specifies that an offender may be ordered to perform service as a condition of probation (community control) , or as a condition of otherwise suspending a term of incarceration (or fine).
Medina County Court Community Service Rules

    • You will be placed at a facility and given a deadline for completion.
    • While at the worksite , you shall be courteous, reliable, appropriately dressed and follow all agency rules and directions. The agency supervisor can terminate you from this assignment at their discretion if in their view, your work is unsatisfactory, or if your attitude or attendance is unacceptable.
    • You are to report to the agency at the time assigned. You are responsible for your own transportation and your own lunch (if applicable).
    • You are to complete all work assigned in a timely and efficient manner and follow all agency rules and instructions from your immediate supervisor.
    • You are not to consume any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs immediately prior to or while on the work assignment
    • You will not be asked to perform any work that you are physically unable to perform. Medical documentation for certain requests to be excused from specific job duties may be required.
    • You are not to operate any equipment which you do not have the knowledge, ability, training or license to operate.
    • You are not to leave the job location at any time including breaks while completing your hours. No one is allowed to visit you during work hours unless it is an emergency. You are not permitted to make or receive phone calls/ text messages unless you are on a break or it is an emergency.
    • You must contact the community service coordinator with any community service related issues. Please do not contact your probation officer for matters specifically pertaining to your community service assignment.
    • If you are scheduled to work at a facility you are expected to BE THERE. Being called into a job, not having a ride or not having child care are not valid reasons for failing to appear as scheduled. If there is an extreme emergency or you are ill, you MUST contact the agency directly as well as the community service coordinator to explain the circumstances.
    • Failure to comply with court community service procedures and agency rules may result in a formal probation violation.
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