Adult Probation Staff

Veronica Perry, Chief Probation Officer
Lindsay Lesko, Deputy Chief Probation
Jill Roland,
Brad Burcham, Supervisor/Grant
Kevin Turchek, Senior Officer, Sex Offender Officer, PSI Investigator, Decision Points
Dana Siekaniec, ISP/Senior Probation Officer/CCA Grant Program Director, Decision Points
Sophie Wallace, ISP/High Risk
Joseph Dodds, ISP/High Risk
Joseph Wasielewski, PSI Investigator,Violent Offender Officer,Decision Points
Stefanie Theus, PSI
Garrett Brode, PSI Investigator, Sealing of Record Investigator330-723-5962gbrode@medinacountyprobation.or
Brett Andrachik, Intervention in Lieu of Conviction, PSI
Ashley Simmons, Special Docket Probation Officer, Educational
Kaelyn Campbell, Moderate Risk Probation
Brad Masternick, Moderate RIsk Probation Officer, Educational
Chris Weaver, Moderate Risk Probation
Jennifer Cirisan, Moderate Risk Probation
Tahlor Fisher, Moderate Risk Probation
Jacob Toth, Moderate Risk Probation
Aza Mycoskie, Low Risk Probation
Tara Searcy, Pretrial Bond 
Myia Harvey, Pretrial
Marirose Power, Community Service & Vocational Outreach
Cristina Jolley, Clinical Director, Quality Assurance
Carla Damron, Special Docket
Kelly McCarthy, Assessment
Heather Short, Office Manager and Technology
Ashley Williams, Assistant Office
Julie Zawadzki, Front Office
Micah Street, Front Office


For any other staff member not listed, please call 330-725-9791
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