Jury Duty Information

What about parking?

There is free parking next to the courthouse in the parking garage. The Common Pleas Court entrance is located at 225 E. Washington St., Medina OH 44256.

What are the hours?

Court is usually in session from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a break for lunch around noon. However, the hours depend on what is happening in trial. When the jury starts to deliberate, you could be here later depending on what time you begin deliberations. Sometimes, the matter may require starting earlier and/or staying later as not to prolong your days of service. You will be kept informed of these changes in schedule.

How long is my jury service?

Your term of service is one week. That does not mean you will be needed for the entire week. However, you may need to call the automated reporting telephone number after 5:00pm each evening. Once you make your initial appearance for jury duty, you will be kept informed by the court staff and the automated reporting telephone number.

What is the automated reporting telephone number?

1 (833) 710-1165

How did I get selected?

Voter registration lists are sent to the court at the beginning of each year. A computer program randomly selects the jury pool for the year.

How do I prove to my employer that I was here?

After you have completed jury duty, you may print a jury service verification letter through the eResponse portal main menu under “Print Letters”, found at: https://eresponse.medinaco.org

Will I be paid for jury service?

Each juror who reports for jury service will be paid $20.00 per day. You will receive your check for jury service approximately one month from your date of service.

How do I complete my juror questionnaire?

Juror Questionnaires must be completed through the eResponse website as listed on your summons or by following the link:

How can I be disqualified or excused from jury duty?

By completing the questionnaire at the eResponse website above, your request to be excused or disqualified will automatically be forwarded to court staff. You should receive an email within two business days that either grants or denies your request for disqualification or excusal.

How can I have my jury service date deferred (postponed)?

After fully completing the questionnaire at the eResponse website above, you may login to the eResponse website and select “Defer Service” from the menu. You will then be able to postpone/defer your jury service to an available date in the future.

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