Courthouse Project

Since the 1969 portion of the Courthouse was built, Medina County’s population has more than doubled going from nearly 83,000 residents to more than 182,400.

Nearly 50 years’ worth of public use of that specific portion of the Courthouse combined with increased demands from today’s much larger population has created both safety concerns and major operational difficulties that must be resolved.

Some of these issues include failing mechanical systems, ADA compliance issues, space limitations for judges and staff, and the need for future growth. It is important to note that limitations of space and outdated design create security concerns for court personnel, victims of crime, witnesses and the general public.

The new Courthouse consists of four floors and provides approximately 86,300 square feet of new space and approximately 21,000 square feet of renovated space. The construction of the Medina County Courthouse was completed December 2022 and renovations to the 1841 Courthouse were completed June 2023 creating a safer, more efficient Courthouse with ample space to serve the citizens of Medina County for many years to come.

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