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*Notice: For those of you using Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a built-in PDF viewer that allows you to view and fill out these forms using your web browser.  Be advised, however, that if you ‘Download‘ or use ‘Save As‘ in Chrome, it saves the blank form and NOT your completed form.  This is not an issue on our side, but a design choice of Google.  See this support thread on Google’s web site:

To work around this issue:

  1. Use a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox (both tested and work as expected)
  2. In Chrome, choose the printer icon to ‘Print‘, then change the ‘Destination ‘ to ‘Save as PDF‘.  Note that this ‘flattens’ the PDF and it will no longer be editable, though it will contain your data and is ready to email or upload to us
  3. All browsers: download the PDF form to your computer first, then fill-in the document (using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader), save, and then either upload or email to us (preferred method)

Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank You for your cooperation!

Medina County Building Department Staff


Note: We no longer register contractors.  HVAC and Electric contractors will need to provide a state license when applying for a permit.

Use this page to obtain a permit by filling out the appropriate application depending on the project type (residential or commercial, Building, Electric or Mechanical), and then either emailing to the corresponding email address or use the ‘Uploads’ link below.

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