Annexations – Municipal Petition

Instructions for filing a Municipal Petition for Annexation with the Medina County Board of Commissioners

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  • The legislative authority of a municipal corporation proposing to annex contiguous territory shall pass, by a majority, an ordinance authorizing the annexation and directing the village solicitor or city director of law, or Agent named in the ordinance, to prosecute the proceedings necessary.
  • The application for annexation to the Medina County Commissioners shall be by petition setting forth that by ordinance the territory described in the petition was authorized to be annexed. The petition shall contain an accurate legal description and be accompanied by an accurate map or plat of the territory proposed for annexation.
  • The Clerk will immediately forward the petition and plat to the Tax Maps Department for review of the legal description and plat. Inaccuracies are cause for rejection of the annexation petition.
  • Within 30 days of receipt of the petition, the Commissioners shall render their decision. Once the decision is made, a copy of the resolution will be sent to the Agent and the complete transcript will be forwarded to the City/Village.
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