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Medina County Animal Shelter

Animals Currently Available for Adoption

Below is a list of dogs currently available at our shelter. The adoption list is updated daily, and may only be a partial listing of the animals that need a loving home. For more information, please call or visit the Animal Shelter.

All stray dogs at our shelter are scanned for micro-chips, but a dog license is always the sure ticket home. All of the dogs listed are current on DHPP, Bordetella, and dewormed.

Want more information?

Get details on spaying and neutering your pet, dog license and fee information, and access important stats and information about the animal shelter.

Spay & Neuter Info License & Fee Info About the Animal Shelter

Donation Wish List:

Leashes, Collars, Blankets (no comforters), Towels, Treats, Food (no dyes)

Ohio Dog Laws

Sec. 955.10 Tags To Be Worn:
Every registered dog, except dogs constantly confined to registered kennels, shall at all times wear a valid tag issued in connection with the certificate evidencing such registration. Failure at any time to wear such tag shall be prima-facie evidence of lack of registration and shall subject any dog found not wearing such tag to impounding, sale or destruction.

Sec. 955.21 Failure to Register Dog:
No owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog more than three months of age, nor owner of a dog kennel, shall fail to file the application for registration required be section 955.01 of the Ohio Revised Code, nor shall he fail to pay the legal fee therefor.

Sec. 955.22 Confinement of Dogs:
No owner, keeper, or harborer of any dog shall fail at any time to keep it either physically confined or restrained upon the premises of the owner, keeper, or harborer by a leash, tether, adequate fence, supervision, or secure enclosure to prevent escape, or under reasonable control of some person, except when the dog is lawfully engaged in hunting accompanied by the owner, keeper, or harborer or a handler.

National Listings

The link below are regional and national listings of animals that are available for adoption.


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