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Medina County Apiary Inspector

MEDINA COUNTY APIARY INSPECTOR Medina County Commissioners are accepting applications for the position of County Apiary Inspector. The Medina County Apiary Inspector is an authorized representative of the director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture and inspects honeybee colonies within…

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Resolutions Passed, October 19, 2021

  Download Full Resolution Details 21-0965 Amending the appropriation measure resolution 21-0966 Amending the 2021 appropriations resolutions by transferring appropriations 21-0967 Cash transfer for various funds 21-0968 Authorizing the county auditor to transfer funds from various county department accounts to the…

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Resolutions Passed, October 12, 2021

  Download Full Resolution Details 21-0933 Recognizing the Weymouth Community Church as the oldest church building in Medina County 21-0934 Determining the necessity to close Fenn Road (C.H. 70) between Deer Lake Drive (T.H. 533) and Weymouth Road (S.R. 3) 21-0935…

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